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 St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO at a democratic manifestation and a rally of May 6

Press Release

May 6, 2013

A traditional May Day Democratic Manifestation was held along Nevsky Prospekt and ended with a rally at Konnyushennaya Square. This year the main slogan of the manifestation was "For Russia Free from Political Reprisals and Religious Obscurantism!"

The democratic manifestation was prepared and conducted by an organizational committee formed on the basis of the Democratic Petersburg coalition. According to different estimates, the number of participants of the manifestation amounted to 1.5 - 2 thousand people.

The rally meeting at at Konnyushennaya Square was opened by Alexander Kobrinsky, deputy of the Legislative Assembly from the YABLOKO party.

"In many countries people are organise peoples fronts. And only in Russia the government has organised a front against its own people. But soon people will come to the government saying, You're not our sovereign. You are a thief and an usurper!" Kobrinsky said.

"Twenty years ago it was hard to imagine a slogan of today's manifestation - " For Russia Free from Political Reprisals and Religious Obscurantism!" We could not event think then, that such a pullback would have been possible," noted Boris Vishnevsky, YABLOKO MP in the Legislative Assembly of St.Petersburg.

Speakers from other democratic parties and movements represented in the organizational committee also spoke at the rally.

The Democratic Petersburg coalition which initiated the Democratic Manifestation comprises the YABLOKO party , the RPR-Parnas party, the Solidarity movement, the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg and other organizations.

Photographs by Inna Naryshkina, Victoria Andreeva and Leonid Toropov.

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Press Release

May 6, 2013

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