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14,000 signatures in ten days collected for YABLOKOs candidate in the mayoral elections in Omsk

Press Release

May 5, 2012

Collection of signatures for registration of Alexander Korotkov, YABLOKO member and ex Vice-Governor, as a candidate in the mayoral elections in Omsk has finished.

Within ten days only (from April 25 to May 4) YABLOKO collected 14,000 signatures in favour of his nomination. Now the election headquarters of the candidate have to select 9,916 signatures required for Korotkovs registration and wil forward them to the Electoral Commission until May 7.

Alexander Korotkov, ex Vice-Governor of the Omsk region, was nominated to run for the mayor of Omsk at YABLOKOs Federal Bureau meeting on April 20.

Alexander Korotkov served as Vice-Governor of the region from 1997 to 2000. In 2000 he was dismissed from his post for criticising the economic policy of Governor Leonid Polezhayev, however, court restored him at work after two months. In 2001 he was again dismissed, and since then has worked as an advisor and consultant in a number of commercial firms.

Omsk mayoral elections will be held on June 17.

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Press Release

May 5, 2012

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