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YABLOKO nominated 1550 candidates to Saint Petersburg electoral commissions

Press Release

April 11, 2013


The St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO nominated 1550 candidates to the electoral commissions in all the districts of the city. The registration of documents in the electoral commissions is ending today.

All of our candidates are well educated and active citizens and their main goal is to ensure compliance with the law at their electoral districts. Unfortunately YABLOKOs representatives were not welcome at all the territorial electoral commissions said Olga Pokrovskaya, member of the city electoral commission.

In particular, one of the territorial electoral commissions demanded statements of income from YABLOKOs candidates (which is not envisaged by the law), another commission demanded that the copies of the work record books should be changed as allegedly they had not been properly notorised.

We hope to get an unbiased attitude to YABLOKOs representatives and will stand up for every candidate Pokrovskaya noted.

The electoral commissions formed these days will hold elections of all levels in St.Petersburg for the next five years. YABLOKOs representatives should be nominated to district electoral commissions by law as the party is represented in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.


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April 11, 2013

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