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Court dismissed a complaint on the arrest of YABLOKOs Maria Kozhevatova

Press Release

April 4, 2012

Press service of the St. Petersburg YABLOKO

On April 4, The Kuibyshevsky District Court dismissed a complaint on the arrest of YABLOKO member Maria Kozhevatova arrested for ten days for her participation in the campaign in defense of the Article 31 (on the freedom of assembly) of the Russian Constitution.

During the hearings Judge Julia Trofimova questioned the witness A.Vinovkina, but did not consider her testimony, stating that "the witness was helping Kozhevatova. Consequently, Kozhevatova will be held in prison until April 10.

After the announcement of a sentence on her imprisonment Kozhevatova declared a "dry" hunger strike, which has being lasing for three days already. It should be also noted that the Interior Ministry denied the fact of a hunger strike, however Viktor Andryev, defender of Maria Kozhevatova, confirmed this information.

Series of one-person pickets demanding freedom for Maria Kozhevatova and Yuri Melnichuk (also arrested for ten days) have been taking place by the detention facility for two days already.


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Press Release

April 4, 2012

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