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 Inquisition by the Orthodox fascists against the YABLOKO party

Press Release

March 17, 2013

Orthodox activists from the God's Will (Bozhya Volya) public movement staged "Orthodox Inquisition against the YABLOKO party". A group of young men burst into YABLOKOs Moscow headquarters on Friday night, took all the freely available books and booklets published by the party and burned them in the square by Novokuznetskaya metro station which is in 3 minutes walk from YABLOKOs office. The video entitled "Confiscation and Burning of Waste Paper of the Party of Satanists and Perverts YABLOKO" was loaded by the young people on the Internet.

On Friday night on March 15, when there was only a security guard on duty in YABLOKOs headquarters, a group of young people entered the party's office, situated in the centre of Moscow in Pyatnitskaya Street. Grabbing all the party books and booklets (the party programme, the party manifesto, books by Grigory Yavlinsky and Sergei Mitrokhin and booklets on the defence on human rights) published by YABLOKO and put on a small table by the entrance for people to take away, the young men burned them in an urn by the Adam and Eve monument 15 meters from Novokuznetskaya metro station.

The video entitled "Confiscation and Burning of Waste Paper by the Party Satanists and Perverts YABLOKO" was loaded by the young people at the web-site For Russia, Putin and Peoples Front. (At present they have removed the video, but it may be found here http://www.amic.ru/news/212102).

The video demonstrates that one of the participants of this action, Dmitry Tsorionov, calls himself an activist of the God's Will movement and says that the activists "are sending a request to the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation to recognize the so-called YABLOKO party as extremist, because they are defiling our people, struggling against the Russian Orthodox Church and with the churches construction programme "200" [envisaging construction of 200 orthodox temples in Moscow] and is sponsored from abroad in order to defile and undermine the foundations of our society".

It should be noted that Dmitry Tsorionov voicing the complaints against the YABLOKO party took part in a round table held in YABLOKO last October. During the discussion party activists, representatives of citizens' initiative groups, experts and Orthodox activists discussed the plans to build "temples within a walking distance" in Moscow.

Most likely, the party's position announced during the discussion [that new temples should not be built on the sited where city gardens and childrens playgrounds were situated] was the reason for such an act of vandalism. The video of the Tsorionovs speech at the round table entitled "Enteo Against YABLOKO Party Infidels" posted at the God's Will web-site speaks in favour of this version. Enteo here is Tsarionovs nickname.

"We are expecting a reaction now from Vladimir Putin, the Peoples Front and the Russian Orthodox Church to the provocations of the thugs acting on their behalf. In the absence of any response we will consider what has happened a beginning a hongweibing terror against the political opposition and will build our party strategy in line with these new realities," commented YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

"As for the Russian Orthodox Church, we believe that it gets most of the damage from the activities of these bastards. The longer the Russian Orthodox Church keeps silent about the Orthodox Fascism, the more it affects its image," says Mitrokhin.

YABLOKO leader is sending an appeal to the Public Prosecutor General's Office demanding an investigation.


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Press Release

March 17, 2013

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