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Signatures for the resignation of Pavel Astakhov, Ombudsman for Childrens Rights, are sent to Vladimir Putin

Press Release

March 4, 2013

Nikolai Rybakov, member of the Federal Bureau of the YABLOKO party, has sent to Vladimir Putin over 11,000 signatures collected in favour of resignation of Pavel Astakhov, Ombudsman for Childrens Rights (notoriously known for his support of the orphans law and calls to return all the Russian orphans adopted abroad back to Russia).

Over 11,000 signatures were collected in just a week, despite ddos-attacks and Internet bots attacking the Demokrator.ru website where the signatures were collected.

"We believe that a man who has cynically exploited the death of a child [adopted by a US family] for his political gain, can not hold the post of Children's Ombudsman," runs Rybakovs statement.

"I think that the president should not wave away the appeal of 11,000 citizens. Let us at least make him think whether his representative Mr. Astakhov has been acting in an honest and due manner? Our final goal is still there: Russia should have a decent defender of children," Nikolai Rybakov said.

Rybakov also noted that he expected a new wave of attacks on the initiators of the appeal. Earlier, Astakhovs supporters had already accused Rybakov of "destruction of the Russian army," and "undermining of Russias transportation and transit of policy", and Ombudsman Astakhov also announced that pedophiles want his resignation.


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Press Release

March 4, 2013

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