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YABLOKOs Alexei Firsov, head of Kolchuginsky District, the Vladimir region, dismissed from his post

Press Release

February 28, 2013

YABLOKOs Alexei Firsov, head of Kolchuginsky District, the Vladimir region, was dismissed from his post because of a conflict with the head of the district administration Andrei Mitroshkin. The decision on dismissal was taken at today's meeting of the Council of People's Deputies of the district by 12 votes "for" with three "against."

From left to right: Andrei Mitroshkin and Alexei Firsov

Most of the deputies of the Council refused to consider the appeal of Governor Nikolai Vinogradov in support of Firsov.

Several dozens of local residents came to support Alexei Firsov at the Council meeting, but only a few were allowed into the assembly hall. After voting Firsov thanked his supporters after which the residents together with Firsov left the hall.

Now Firsov will work in the Council as an ordinary member. His term will expire in two years.

Andrei Mitroshkin is a local businessman, who was elected as head of the district administration. Firsov unsuccessfully fought against Mitroshkins corruption-prone projects for the two years of his term as district head.

Persecution of Alexei Firsov aroused a wave of indignation among district residents. On Sunday, February 24, about 1,000 people came to a rally in support of YABLOKO member Alexei Firsov.

YABLOKO: "Crooks and thieves, off with your hands from Firsov".


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Press Release

February 28, 2013

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