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After YABLOKOs rally acting Governor of the Moscow Region sent the General Plan of Balashikha Development back for revision

Press Release

February 21, 2013

Andrei Vorobyov, acting Moscow Region Governor, agreed with the demands put forward during YABLOKOs manifestation and rally and sent the General Paln of the Balashikha City Development for revision.

He made such a statement at his meeting with residents of the city. The manifestation and rally organized by the YABLOKO party were in the city in the past weekend. Participants of the rally marched in the centre of the city. "The new General Plan is a shame of Balashikha" was written on the banner carried in front of the column.

"The Plan aroused outrage of the city residents by its absolute negligence of the needs of citizens and its cynical approach to the urban policy," Vladimir Konnov, the leader of the Balashikha branch of YABLOKO said at the rally.

The draft Plan submitted for public hearings aggravates the transport situation in the city, exacerbates the shortage of kindergartens and schools and envisages complete destruction of the green areas. Mass commercial development of the city areas (with an increase in the number of residents from 230,000 to 370,000 people) does not envisage creation of new jobs and provision of flats to the residents of shabby housing. Destruction of the leading local industry "Cryogenmash" and commercial development of this territory without provision of new jobs also provoked public criticism.

In addition, the acting Governor declared a moratorium on the construction of high-rise buildings in the city and demanded that developers must engage in the social infrastructure projects, which YABLOKO has been demanding since the rally of November 3, 2012.

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Press Release

February 21, 2013

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