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Head of Central Electoral Commission decided to ban YABLOKOs observers

Press Release

March 2, 2012

YABLOKO has obtained information that the Central Electoral Commission has been preparing a letter to the subordinate commissions demanding not to let journalists and observers from YABLOKOs paper YABLOKO ROSSII come to the polling stations.

Vladimir Churov, head of Central Electoral Commission, will try to prove that observers certificates were signed by Sergei Mitrokhin, YABLOKO Chairman, and not by Sergei Mitrokhin, Editor-in-Chief.

However, YABLOKOs lawyers said that the certificates were issued correctly, as Mitrokhin does not have a position of Editor-in-Chief, as the founder of the paper the YABLOKO party acts as the editorial staff of the paper.

Such a decision by the Central Electoral Commission would mean that the authorities decided to go for a grand-scale fraud, Mitrokhin said.

According to Mitrokhin, at December parliamentary elections YABLOKOs observers detected most of the violations and fraud. If dozens of thousands of YABLOKOs observes are not allowed to monitor the elections, they will go into the streets on the next day, March 5.


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Press Release

March 2, 2012

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