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YABLOKO's tasks up to 2018: participation in elections and support of protest actions

Press Release

January 27, 2013

Participation in elections, as well as the organisation and support of civil protest actions are the priorities for the YABLOKO party for the period 2013 2018. Such a decision was taken at yesterdays meeting of YABLOKO Bureau held in Moscow.

"Our country has been experiencing a systemic crisis: that of the legitimacy of power, legitimacy of large-scale private property, public confidence in the government and the political system in general," runs a special statement of the Bureau on the objectives of the party in the long term.

YABLOKO must respond to the systemic crisis of the legitimacy with formulation of a clear political platform of the democratic opposition, which can base on YABLOKOs programme that has been developed during decades on the basis of European democratic values. "It is clear for us that the nationalist and the radical left (Stalinist) assessments and proposals [for the further development] are dangerous for the country, and therefore unacceptable," emphasizes the Bureau.

YABLOKO is going to take part in the next key election campaigns: to nominate their candidates for the presidential elections and the mayoral elections in Moscow, and register lists of candidates for the parliamentary elections and the Moscow City Duma elections.

In the short term YABLOKO proposes to focus efforts on elections to the Moscow City Duma, "For all of us elections to the Moscow City Duma will provide a chance to demonstrate our force to the authorities, as well as our desire for changes and the will to win in the campaign, runs the statement. In Moscow we have a real opportunity to ensure that the elections are really competitive and to protect the results".

YABLOKO considers it necessary to create a list of candidates that will be a true civil society list, and is ready to provide YABLOKOs list as a platform for its formation. "We are ready for a discussion and consultations with all the democratic forces," runs the statement.


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Press Release

January 27, 2013

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