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Mikhail Nazarov, leader of the Udmurtian branch of YABLOKO, to Vladimir Putin: lands intended for families with many children were given to officials and police officers in Udmurtia

Press Release

January 25, 2013

Mikhail Nazarov, leader of the Udmurtian branch of YABLOKO, forwarded a letter to President Vladimir Putin wit ha request to investigate into the distribution of gratuitous plots of land intended for families with many children.

"Our region demonstrates facts of corruption in the distribution of free lands to large families are mass-scale," runs Nazarovs letter to the President.

Thus, in 2011, Galina Batolova, head of Zaviyalovsky District, was convicted for broad-scale distribution of lands to high ranking officials. However, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Udmurtia sentences her such large scale corruption only to a fine amounting to 200,000 roubles (approximately Euro 5,000). As of to-day, the Investigative Committee of Udmurtia has not conducted an investigation on those who due to fraud with lands received plots of land in the most prestigious neighborhoods. Mikhail Nazarov gave a list of such persons in his letter.

At a recent meeting of the Commission on Socio-Economic Development of the country Vladimir Putin said that "the plots of land for the so-called "elite" or "quasi-elite housing construction are easily found, but there are never lands to give to large families. People engaged in re-distribution of lands are simply improving there well-fare".

"In Udmurtia, we observe exactly such a situation, when lands are obtained for bribes or due to close links with districts heads and President of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov. We hope that now the authorities will pay attention to this acute social problem and begin solving it," noted Mikhail Nazarov.


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Press Release

January 25, 2013

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