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YABLOKO picketed the State Duma against two anti-constitutional bills

Press Release

January 23, 2013

YABLOKO activists held one-person pickets in front of the State Duma, as the Duma had to consider two unconstitutional projects: one of them had to simplify the procedure of requisition of land title from the residents of the "new Moscow territories" (ex Moscow Region territories) like was the case in the Olympic Sochi, and the other would allow regions to replace election of governors by their appointment.


The action was held in accordance with the new law on one-person pickets: protesters were standing in fifty meters from each other, and the themes of their protest did not coincide.

The activists were holding placards against abolishing of election of governors and the new law on regulation of land property title in Moscow.

The police showed their standard concern to the activists: they copied the inscriptions on the placards and checked documents of the activists.

"Introduction of a special procedure for requisition of property from the residents of the "new Moscow territories" is a violation of Article 19 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees equal rights to citizens regardless of there place of residence," said YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

The law on the actual abolishing of gubernatorial elections violates Article 55 of the Constitution, according to which Russia must not adopt laws impairing the rights of the citizens, Mitrokhin noted. "The right to elect governors will be taken away [from us] tomorrow for the second time already, the first time they took it away in 2004 [and restored in 2012 and first gubernatorial elections were held in October 2012]," he added.

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Press Release

January 23, 2013

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