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YABLOKOs observers to work in the Russian embassies and consulates in 36 countries

Press Release

March 1, 2012

YABLOKOs observers will work in the Russian embassies and consulates in 36 countries

To date 170 Russian citizens who are currently abroad decided to become observers from the YABLOKO ROSSII paper helping the YABLOKO party to monitor voting in the Russian embassies and consulates on March 4.

Germany leads as of the number of observers: 42 observers from YABLOKO will work at polling stations in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Bonn, Stuttgart and Lubeck.

In France 23 observers will be working in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Marseille and Toulouse.

18 people will observe the elections in the US polling stations in Seattle, New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

In addition, the YABLOKOs activists will control voting in Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Thailand, Australia, Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Israel, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Kenya, China, Luxembourg , Morocco, Norway, Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Africa and Japan.

YABLOKOs paper YABLOKO ROSSII has already issued about 30,000 certificates for its observers for polling stations throughout Russia. YABLOKO coordinates monitoring of the elections with the Voters League and the Rosvybory project.


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Press Release

March 1, 2012

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