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Alexey Melnikov: The destiny of a little man

Alexei Melnikov's blog

January 18, 2013

Tragic news has come from the Netherlands Alexander Dolmatov who fled from Russia to this country fearing political reprisals committed a suicide. I express my condolences to Alexanders family and express them support in their grief .

Those of us who have lost their loved ones, know how hurtful it is, as how the world seems to be alien and how ones life begins to change as one realizes that nothing will be as it once was.

Who is to blame? The Netherland authorities that refused to grant Alexander a political asylum? Those from whom he escaped in Russia, those who have now unleashed reprisals in Russia? Or headless leaders of the protest? If a person is killed in such circumstances, then, in all fairness, no one can shun the responsibility.

A little man wanted to change his country. He was forced to flee. The little man was seeking asylum in another country. But that country calmly turned its back on him. Anger was breathing behind his back, and cold breathed into his face. The little man could not resist. He has gone. But he has remained a Man.

We will remember him.


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January 18, 2013

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