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Grigory Yavlinsky at the rally: Our goal is to change the system

Press Release

December 24, 2011



In his speech at the rally on December 24 YABLOKO leader Grigory Yavlinsky called the coming presidential elections the second round which should be won and lead to making Russia an open and free European country.

The [parliamentary] elections of December 4 were the first round and judging by what we see here now we have not lost it, Yavlinsky told addressing a 100,000 rally. The second round is presidential election, and we can not vote there for any candidate.

We should have our candidate, we should fight for the second round, we must make it into the second round! Next year we should change the political system! he said.

Our goal can be reduced to only evicting some persons from the power, our goal is to change the corrupt, bribable, deceitful and really illegitimate system, Yavlinsky noted.

According to YABLOKOs leader, no one in the new system will dare to label Russian citizens a herd of sheep, Bandar-logs or the orange pest.

Russia needs such a political system where the law would be the same for everyone, when court would not listen to money and orders, but only to law, when property would be inviolable, when everyone will be certain that his or her vote will be preserved, Yavlinsky stressed. He also told to the rally that he knew how to reach this peacefully and constitutionally.

The first steps in this way should be dismissal of head of the Central Electoral Commission Vladimir Churov and punishment of those who participated in the election fraud, freedom of speech for mass media, stopping pressure on mass media and freedom to political prisoners.

In conclusion Grigory Yavlinsky called the authorities to free one of the organizers of the rallies Sergei Udaltsov who had been kept under arrest despite his health condition. Do not be so cruel, ghoulish and petty, stop torturing him, release this man, he said.


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Press Release

December 24, 2011

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