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New ELDR President elected

Press Release

November 29, 2011

ELDR congress convening in Palermo, Italy, on November 23-25, elected Sir Graham Watson, one of the leaders of British liberal democrats, new President of the European Liberal Democrats and Reformers party. Sir Graham has been member of the European Parliament since 1994. In 2002-2009 he headed the liberal faction in the European Parliament and during Russian elections in 2003 visited Russia as guest of the YABLOKO party. "It is our job as Liberals to explain how we offer a real, principled and economically responsible alternative to the behemoths of conservatism and socialism, said Sir Graham.

The key topic of the congress was discussion of the EU budget priorities for 2011-2012.

The congress adopted a number of statements on urgent problems, including the statement Elections in Russia in 2011-2012. The statement by the European liberals stresses that YABLOKO [is] - the only Russian democratic liberal party registered as a participant in the Russian parliamentary elections [has to campaign under] the administrative pressure on party activists and multiple obstacles put in the way of YABLOKOs campaigning by the authorities and expressed support to YABLOKOs fight for liberal democratic values and development of civil society.

Over 500 delegates (including MEPs, Prime Ministers and Ministers of the EU member states) from over 55 European liberal parties were convened at the congress of the ELDR party. The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO has been ELDR member since 2006.


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Press Release

November 29, 2011

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