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YABLOKO candidate attacked in the Perm region

Press Release

November 29, 2011

Mrs.Svetlana Ivanova, YABLOKO candidate to the MPs of the Perm region, was attacked in the Kondratovo village near Perm two hours ago. She was taken to hospital with cerebral contusion and thighbone fracture. Doctors assess her condition as critical.

At 22:30 Svetlana Ivanova was leaving the building where she met with activists. An unknown person approached her from the back, hit her on the head and disappeared. None of her personal belongings was missing.

Olga Kolokolova, leader of the party list in elections to the Legislative Assembly in Perm, and number four on YABLOKO federal list, connected the attack with Ivanovas political activities.

Kolokolova said that a large-scale campaign against YABLOKO was launched in the region. Leaflets with libel against YABLOKO candidates regularly appear in the streets. However, printing of YABLOKO campaign materials is hampered.

Olga Kolokolova also reported that many candidates have been threatened with physical violence.

Kolokolova intends to seek investigation into the attack from the law enforcement and punishment of the perpetrators. It should be noted that the police still do not arrive at the scene of the crime.

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Press Release

November 29, 2011

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