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Road police tried to obstruct YABLOKOs rally in the centre of Moscow

Press Release

November 18, 2011

Road police prohibited to a private transport company to transport participants of the rally against building of a freight airport in Stupino (a city near Moscow), threatening the company with annulment of its licence. Consequently, the participants of the rally had to go to Moscow by train being late for the rally for half an hour, also some participants were unprepared to go by train and stayed in Stupino.

Nikolai Kuznetsov, leader of the Stupino branch of YABLOKO, told that they could find a transport company only in another town, as the local companies received a ban on transportation of people to the rally.

Four coaches had to take 200 people to a rally in the centre of Moscow. However, when the coaches arrived to Stupino, they were met my several road police cars, the area administration and an ambulance. An unexpected technical examination of the coaches began at the site and continued in the local road police department.

According to information from the activists, road police of the Moscow region ordered the district road police department not to let people come to the Moscow rally.

The rally against construction of an airport in Stupino did take place. 12,000 residents of Stupino signed under an address to the Presidential Administration expressing their protest against the airport. In violation of all the existing norms some residential houses will stand only in 50 meters from the airport. The residents also asked the administration to facilitate the permission on conducting of a local referendum.

Nikolai Kuznetsov also asked the President to organize a Presidential Reception in the city. When 2,500 people come to a rally this signals that not everything is in order in the city, he said.

Civil campaign against construction of an airport in close proximity to residential houses began in July 2011. A number of mass-scale rallies took place in the area. YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin participated in these rallies.

Also a meeting of the residents adopted a decision to conduct a local referendum about construction of an airport, about 1,300 local residents were included into the initiative group.

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Press Release

November 18, 2011

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