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Mitrokhin demands that Putin should pay compensations to the victims of the explosions in Pugachyovo, Udmurtiya

Press Release

November 14, 2011

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin who is now in the working visit in Udmurtia is going to demand from Prime Minister Putin to implement his promises on providing aid to the victims of explosions at a military arsenal near Pugachyovo village on June 2-3, 2011. According to the local residents who came to meet Mitrokhin, the money allotted by the government for repairs and building of new houses did not come to the village. Most

Over 60 residents came to meet Sergei Mitrokhin and Sergei Pechenin, leader of the Udmurtian branch of YABLOKO. According to the local residents, most of them did not get the compensations and repairs were too slow, consequently the village was not ready for the winter.

However the local authorities loudly announced by television that every local resident had obtained RUR 100,000 of compensation (approximately USD 3,330). People deny this telling that they have to sign falsified payment receipts on implementation of all the repair works threatening of non-paying the compensation.

An inspection conducted by Mitrokhin showed that a lot of houses damaged by explosions were not repaired. For example the house of handicapped Denis Gutinin had been still lacking a roof damaged by the explosion.

However, Prime Minister Putin had promised to allot RUR 2 billion on repairs in the village, but only half of the amount was actually transferred to the region. Transfer of the remaining RUR 1 billion can not be done without report by the local authorities on their spending of the first half of the amount. We can see now how the allotted billion has been digested by construction companies and bureaucrats linked with them. The costs of the works have been largely overestimated, but if people begin repairs of their houses independently, the costs are, on the opposite, considerably underestimated, Mitrokhin said.

According to Mitrokhin, he is going to prepare an address to Prime Minister basing of the citizens claims asking Vladimir Putin to implement his promises on compensation of not only actual, but also of moral damage. According to local residents, even on the first day of the disaster the victims did not get either humanitarian or psychological aid, consequently children developed neuropsychiatric disorders, Mitrokhin added.

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Press Release

November 14, 2011

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