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Picket Stop feeding state owned corporations! took place by the Federation Council

Press Release

October 26, 2011

A series of one person pickets under the slogan Stop feeding state owned corporations! took place by the Federation Council which had to adopt changes into the state budget.

Five YABLOKO activists held placards Stop stealing money from the budget!, Where is an account on earlier spendings? and Spend money on budget sector workers rather than on building another Fukushima in Turkey!

Federal security officers took down passport data of the activists and prohibited them to take photos threatening to confiscate the cameras. However, they could not give any reasons why taking photographs of the action should be prohibited, and the activists took pictures quite freely.

The activists demand that the remaining balance of the federal budget should be allotted to the salaries of budget workers (including teachers and doctors) rather than state-owned corporations. The Federation Council plans to approve redistribution of the balance; whereas state owned corporations should receive huge amounts of funds. Thus, Rosatom (the nuclear ministry) will receive RUR 23.5 bln, Rosnano (the agency on nano technologies) RUR 22.2 bln and the Russian Railroads RUR 44.5 bln.

Sergei Mitrokhin commented on such redistribution of funds in his blog: It is the finest hour of the state owned corporations!

It has been already announced that Rosatom is going to build with these additional funds a nuclear power station in Turkey which has recently experienced a devastating earthquake. Mitrokhin also writes that it is unclear how Rosnano and the Russian Railroads are going to spend the money, looks like it is a top secret of the budget.


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