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The Council for Consolidation for Womens Movement will not join Putins Peoples Front

Press Release
October 22, 2011

Such a decision was adopted at the Council meeting which took place in Moscow on October 20.
In addition to the issue of determination of their political spectrum the participants of the Council also discussed preparation to the Moscow International Womens Festival The Femme Fest, as well as their interaction with partner organisations.

The Council adopted two political decisions: on the attitude to the Peoples Front and on the position as regards the parliamentary and the presidential election campaign.

The meeting which joined together over 20 representatives of the Council (leaders of womens different organisations) was moderated by Natalia Ivanova, Co-Chair of the Council and Chair of the Board of Directors of ROSAVTOTRANS.

Galina Mikhalyova, Co-Chair of the Council and head of YABLOKO Gender Faction presented draft resolution on the Peoples Front and also recollected that the position on the Front has been discussed at the Co-Chairs Council.

The document signed by the Council members states that the Council is a post-partisan structure and will not restrict itself to cooperation with only one party (the ruling United Russia party), which would not corresponded to the stated aims and goals of the organisation. Unfortunately many problems have been still unsolved: discrimination of women as of sex in different fields, women labour rights and support of mothers and children. We will address our womens agenda to chairs of all the parties so that to achieve progress in this sphere, Mikhalyova said.

The second document was connected with support to parties and candidates who share the views of the Council.

We should support those members of the Council who will participate in the parliamentary elections despite of their party membership, first of all we support the Gender Faction of the YABLOKO party, Natalya Dmitriyeva, Co-Chair of the Council and Chair of the Business Women association stressed in her speech.

Galina Fomina, Vice Chair of the Alfa Bank and another Co-Chair of the Council (the Council has seven Co-Chairs) spoke about the project Women - Decision Makers in Russia in the Third Millenium. The participants of the project visited some foreign countries for establishment of contacts and exchange of opinions. She gave an example of the countries of the Arab world: the share of women in banking constitutes 43 per cent there, whereas in Russia this share is several dozens times lower.

Galina Slautina, Deputy Chair of YABLOKOs Gender Faction and member of the Council in Perm also spoke at the meeting.

Also the Council decided to render aid to Svetlana Turchina from Nizhni Novgorod. Svetlanas husband Viktor Turchin was removed from his post of the chief medical officer of the regional hospital after he had disclosed the facts of corruption in the actions of Eugeni Gerasimov, district head. According to Turchinova, their family had to face political reprisals.

Co-chairs of the Council stated that they would closely monitor the developments and take this event under their control. YABLOKO is already preparing appeals and legal action in connection with this situation.

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Press Release
October 22, 2011

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