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Bulk terminal in Tuapse to be launched despite the decision of the President

Press Release

July 25, 2011

On July 26, chemical fertilizers will be delivered to bulk terminal in the centre of Tuapse, Black Sea coast, so that to begin their exports already in early August. The terminal is launched despite the order of the President to hold public hearings and consultations with environmental organisations. The YABLOKO party and North Caucasus Environmental Watch are going to conduct several actions in the city centre and by the terminal.

According to the website of the Eurochem company owning this dry bulk terminal, on July 26 fertiliser will be shipped to the terminal warehouses, and in August fertiliser will be loaded on the vessels.

Thus, Eurochem decided to launch the Tuapse Bulk Terminal despite mass public protests and the order of the President. Earlier, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered to conduct consultations with environmental organisations and develop the terminals in Tuapse and Novorossiysk taking into account environmentalists proposals.

Last Monday, the administration of Krasnodar held "public consultations" that were called a farce by the protesters: a part of environmentalists were not allowed to take part in the event, also there was no response to environmentalists proposals and actions.

However, YABLOKO and environmentalists conducted mass-scale rallies in Tuapse in 2010 and 2011 protesting against the launch of the terminal in the resort city. A booklet Lets Save the City" was published. On the threashold of the State Council meeting activists passed to the President their request to abolish the plans of launch the terminal.

Actions on July 26 will be followed by a mass-scale protest rally YABLOKO and environmentalists are preparing now.


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Press Release

July 25, 2011

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