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A mass protest rally held in Sterlitamak, Bashkiria

Press Release
July 12, 2011


On July 11, 2011, a mass protest rally in protection of human rights and demanding dismissal of the Eugeny Ulasevich, deputy head of the city administration, was held in Sterlitamak, Bashkiria, despite the ban of the local authorities. One of the organizers of the rally was Damir Garifullin, leader of the Sterlitamak branch of YABLOKO. The rally brought together about seven hundred people.

The city authorities tried to move the rally from the walls of the administration building, however, the indignant citizens stayed at by the administration. The police tried to detain Damir Garifullin, however the participants of the rally interfered and did not allow the police to detain him.

The participants of the rally spoke about the problems in the city, high cost of utilities and arbitrary rule of the management companies from the housing and utilities sector. The protesters chanted: "Ulasevich to resign!" According to leader of the Sterlitamak YABLOKO, "Ulasevich discredited himself when he worked in the management company of the city." "At present the arbitrariness in the housing and utilities sector has been going on a governmental level", Garifullin explained.

The protesters have been waiting for fifteen minutes until someone from the administration could come to them for negotiations, after this they decided to go to the administration office and talk with the heads. The police made a cordon and not let the protesters into the building. In protest, people turned their backs to the administration.

It was decided at the rally to continue protests on August 8.

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Press Release
July 12, 2011

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