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Hands Off from the European Court of Human Rights!

Statement by the YABLOKO party

July 1, 2011

The YABLOKO party demands that Mr.Torshin’s draft bills limiting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights should be either revoked by the author or declined by the State Duma.

A ban for the Russian judges to apply the decisions of the European Court without their confirmation by the Constitutional Court will lead to even greater degradation of the Russian judicial system. The Constitutional Court can not count on any trust from the Russian citizens after the statements servile to the executive authority and voiced by its Chair Valery Zorkin.

The citizens of Russia who became victims of unjust court consider the European Court as the last hope to achieve justice.

The ruling United Russia party wants to deprive them of this hope with the help of Alexander Torshin.
We propose to the United Russia and Alexander Torshin to stop creating one more motive for people’s hate to this party.


Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chair of the YABLOKO party



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July 1, 2011

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