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Journalist and human rights activists car exploded in Moscow

Press Release

June 29, 2011

Journalist and human rights activist Vladimir Grechaninov saw his car explode in the North-East of Moscow at 4 a.m. today.

According to preliminary information, the police qualified this crime as arson, and the journalists connected this accident with his professional activities.

Fortunately Grechaninov was not affected. Grechaninov connects this either with his professional activities or with the activities of his spouse Marina Verigina.

Yet there has been many versions on the motive of the crime. For example, yesterday Marina and Vladimir published in the blogs in the LiveJournal an article about a meeting of a popular TV journalist and anchor Vladimir Pozner with a new leader of the Right Cause party and oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. According to Verigina, the article had large resonance in the blogosphere and probably some people did not like it.

Marina Verigina is engaged in rendering legal assistance to the people who gave money on construction of a garage complex in Moscow (Pershina 2) but were deceived by the investor and lost their money. On June 20 Marina gave evidence in the investigation department of the police which could lead to a criminal law suit against one of the top officials of the district Kozlov.

Consequently a working group (with participation of Public Prosecutors Office workers) for investigation of the fraud was created. The first meeting of the group had to take place on Friday July 1.

Maybe someone is interested so that I would not get to the meeting with the documents Marina said. And I often get threats of murder by phone, she added.

All this resembles Mikhail Beketovs case (oppositional journalist beaten almost to death and left to die in the frost. Due to severe injuries Mikhail in now handicapped). Before the attack he also got threats and is car was burnt, while the police did not interfere, Verigina said.

YABLOKO closely cooperates with Marina in her protection of human rights. Marina also participated in the elections to the Moscow parliament from the YABLOKO party n 2009.

YABLOKO is going to send this file to the Investigation Committee for comprehensive examination of this case on all the versions.

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Press Release

June 29, 2011

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