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Sergei Mitrokhin: a sad anniversary 10 years since establishing of state control over the private NTV television channel

April 14, 2011

Ten years have passed since ruining of the private independent television channel and dissolution of the team of 1journalists who had been showing to the country every day how important the profession of a journalist is for the society and freedom of speech. On April 14, 2001, the management of the NTV channel was completely changed. And virtually from this moment censorship has been widely exercised in Russia.

We regard this transfer of the property title of the channel as one of the key events of 2000s. I think it became the point of no return in the development of Vladimir Putins system, and passing of this point determined the country development for 2000s and even up to the present, with all the events, including the tragedy of hostages in the Dubrovka theatre (the so-called Nord-Ost case), ruining of YUKOS, a schoolchildren taken hostages in Beslan, North Ossetia, abolishing of gubernatorial elections, election fraud, amending of the Constitution, the successor operation in transferring of the presidential power and breaking of peaceful rallies and demonstrations Everything began with the ruining of the NTV channel.

And the most important thing: everything could have been if not stopped but least turned in such a way so that the authorities would have never forget about the civil society and its view.

Instead of gathering (as we are doing now) the remnants of the civil consciousness and cry about the political passivity of the nation.

That reality has turned into our present because in a key moment of that fight the defenders of the NTV channel found themselves in minority even among liberals those who today have been calling themselves the fighters against the regime. Then they were the regimes handymen, that is why they do not like to remember those events today.

But we are recollecting all this today who was fighting and, most importantly, for what.


These people were killing NTV and the freedom of speech:

Quotations (in Russian), to read the quotations press on the pictures.

Photo: (from left to right)

1st row: Boris Gryzlov, then Minister of Interior (now Speaker of the parliament); Boris Jordan, newly appointed CEO of NTV; Mikhail Kasyanov, then Prime Minister

2nd row: Alfred Kokh, then General Director of Gazprom-Media, appointed Chair of the Board of the 'new" NTV; Mikhail Lesin, then Minister of TV, Radio and Communications; Dmitry Medvedev, then Deputy Chair of the Board, Gazprom, now President of Russia

3rd row: Boris Nemtsov, then co-Chair of the Union of Right-Wing Forces; Vladimir Putin, then President of Russia, now Prime Minister; Anatoly Chubais, then head of RAO UES, now Director General of Russian Nanotechnologies Corporation.


These people were defending NTV and the freedom of speech:

Quotations (in Russian), to read the quotations press on the pictures.

Photo: (from left to right)

1st row: Alexei Venediktov then and now journalist, Editor-in-Chief of the Echo Moskvi radio station; Sergei Ivanenko, then Deputy Head of the YABLOKO faction in the State Duma, now member of YABLOKO Bureau; Vladimir Lukin, then MP from the YABLOKO faction, now Russia's Ombudsman; Sergei Mitrokhin, then MP from the YABLOKO faction, now Chair of the YABLOKO party

2nd row: Eugenia Albats, then journalist, now Editor of New Times; Vladimir Pozner, journalist; Tatyna Tarasova, Russian figure skating coach; Irina Khakomada, then Co-Chair of the Union of RIght-Wing Forces

3rd row: Viktor Shenderovich, journalist; Sergei Yushnkov, then MP and co-Chair of the Liberal Russia movement (murdered in 2003); Grigory Yavlinsky, then Chair of the YABLOKO faction in the State Duma, now member of YABLOKO's Political Council; Igor Yakovenko, head of the Journalists Union.


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April 13, 2011

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