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Activists of the Youth branch of St.Petersburg YABLOKO held a Skype conference under the FSB windows

Press Service of St.Petersburg YABLOKO

April 13, 2011

Activists of the St. Petersburg Youth branch of YABLOKO held a flashmob in front of the Federal Security Service (FSB) office in St. Petersburg. The action was conducted in response to the recent statements by the representatives of the FSB on the need to ban Gmail, Hotmail and Skype in Russia.

Several activists organized a Skype-conference directly under the windows of the Federal Security Service. The activists held laptops connected to the Internet and also held inscriptions "The threat to Russian security" on their backs. The participants of the Skype-conference discussed the recent statement by the FSB and came to a conclusion that the idea to ban Skype, Gmail and Hotmail was "stupid and useless". Chair St. Petersburg Youth Yabloko Alexander Gudimov also held a banner "Freedom can not be banned”.

"Our flash mob demonstrated that communication via Skype does not represent a threat to Russia’s security,” said Alexander Gudimov, Chair of St. Petersburg Youth YABLOKO.

The action attracted a large number of police officers who were watching the action, photographed and even recorded personal data of all the participants.

When the action ended police detained Alexander Gudimov and brought him to the police department.

Photo: "Threat to Russia's security"


Photo: "Freedom can not be banned!"

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Source: www.spb.yabloko.ru

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Press Release

April 13, 2011

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