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March in Protection of St.Petersburg joined together 2,000 participants

Press Release
April 3, 2011

The 5th Extraordinary March in Protection of St.Petersburg was conducted in a form of a rally. Marches in protection of the historical part of the city are regularly held every autumn. The action joined together 2,000 participants. The main slogans of the march were We have won over the Okhta-Centre, we will win over irresponsibility of the bureaucrats from the city government! and Let us preserve the heart of St.Petersburg!

Speeches by representatives from YABLOKO, A Just Russia party, the communist party, public organisations and initiative groups.

Also Vice Governors of St.Petersburg Igor Metelsky and Roman Filimonov came for the first time to the rally. This represents recognition of the civil coalition in protection of St.Petersburg by the city government. The city government had to recognize the force it can not ignore any more, said Maxim Reznik, leader of St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO.

Many organisations participating in the march had stands in the square. The Youth YABLOKO organised an exhibition The vices of the city government: corruption, collapse in the communal services, cutting of city parks and gardens, etc.

Also YABLOKO showed a stand reflecting the main stages of fight against Gazproms project Okhta-Centre to build a skyscraper in the historical city centre which would have not only spoilt the view of the city but also could have lead to expelling St.Petersburg from UNESCOs world heritage list. YABLOKO was the first party to protest against this joining together all the civil organisations in this fight against Russian gas monopolist and the city government. And this struggle succeeded.

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Press Release
April 3, 2011

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