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Nationalism will not work!

Statement by the Regional Council of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO
December 16, 2010

Adopted by the Regional Council meeting on December 14, 2010

The regional branch of the YABLOKO party in Moscow states that large-scale nationalist clashes in the capital be a serious threat to the country's existence.

We consider the authorities' actions against the organisers and the participants of the clashes be inadequate to threat they pose.

If the police knew of the impending action at the Manege Square, why did they allow then to fascist thugs to outrage by the Kremlin walls and close to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

An explanation lies either in extremely low professionalism of the police heads or their sympathy for the nationalists and their slogans, or even in both the reasons. If the authorities do not file criminal cases on "inciting of ethnic hatred" and "organisation of mass disorders", then there are grounds to speak about the collusion of the authorities and the nationalists.

The authorities often see the nationalists as their allies. We are confident that among those who were engaged in the clashes in the center of Moscow there were representatives of nationalistically minded groups of football fans who attacked the defenders of Khimki forest. We know about the connection between these groups with pro-Kremlin youth movements, their creators and tutors.

An attempt to translate growing public discontent with the situation in the country into the nationalist mainstream is beneficial to the authoritarian government, corrupt officials and security officers, the notorious УVIPsФ who in the recent years have increasingly become targets of public criticism.

The fact that thousands of people came to the square under xenophobic slogans is the result of governmental policies, the artificial division between "ours" and УstrangersФ, "the local" and Уthe restФ, creation of pocket nationalistic projects under short-term goals, use of the E-centres and other law enforcement agencies that oppose civilized public activity and support of corrupt and semi-bandit regimes in some regions.

The state which fails to adequately respond to the threat of nationalism is incompetent. We think that nationalism is a direct threat to the security of our country and its very existence in its present borders.

We are calling the citizens not to succumb to nationalistic temptation. People coming to actions under chauvinistic slogans should be aware of their responsibility for murders on the ethnic ground.

The real problems of the country which the nationalists are trying to connect with people of other nationalities are rooted in the inefficient governing and corruption. The problem of ethnic gangs, like all other problems, is a problem of corrupt officials and the law enforcement sheltering them.

It is only possible to resolve the problems such as unprecedented differentiation of the population as of income and property, inequality of citizens before the law, stop growth of crime and aggression in the society, change for the better its psychological condition by means of public agreement, internationalism and tolerance.

We, the citizens, must not allow to the government to divide us and incite hatred via creation of false targets distracting public attention from the crimes of the nomenclature-oligarchic regime before the multinational people of Russia.

Nationalism will not work!

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chair of the regional branch of YABLOKO

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December 16, 2010