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YABLOKO conducted an action against violence against women

Press Release
November 25, 2010

On November 25, an action against violence against women took place in the Pushkin Square, Moscow. The action is held in the UN decade The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. This an annual action held under the auspices of the United Nations.

Photo: head of YABLOKO's Gender faction Galina Mikhalyova and activist Olga Ushakova

Activists from YABLOKOs Gender faction and its leader Galina Mikhalyova, the Council for Consolidation of Womens Movement, representatives from the Feministki.ru initiative group participated in the action.
The action was held under the slogans Husbands, do not beat your wives!, No to family violence!, Women, raise your heads! According to the participants of the action, 14,000 women die annually due to family violence. These figures commensurate with Russias losses for the ten years of war in Afghanistan."

About 126,000 cases of violence against children are fixed annually. About 40 per cent of grave crimes are committed in families, children and women become victims of these crimes in 70 per cent of these cases. Such data were given in the leaflets distributed by the activists.

Photo: "Maybe it's time to stop asserting your power at the expense of women?"


Photo: "Woman has feelings, not only mobs!"


Photo: "Husbands, stop beating your wives!"


Photo: "Men, makeup is for beauty, not for concealing your weaknesses!"


Photo: "Mass scale rapings [in the Kuschyovskaya village, Krasnodar]. All the rapers in Kuschyovskaya should be brought to account!"


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Press Release
November 25, 2010

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