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500 people came to a rally against political terror

Press Release
November 14, 2010

About 500 people came to a rally against political terror which took place in Moscow today, despite of the fact that only 300 people were allowed for the rally by the authorities. The rally was initiated by the YABLOKO party, the Movement for Protection of the Khimki Forest and a number of other public organisations.

The action was conducted on the second anniversary of attack on Mikhail Beketov, Editor-in-Chief of the Khimki Pravda paper, who was left handicapped due to grave injuries. The participants of the rally also paid tribute to other journalists and public activists victims of political bandits.

Friends and colleagues of journalist Oleg Kashin and activist ecologist Konstantin Fetisov who were severely beaten and injured last week, spoke about the condition their colleagues are in now and also speculated on who could have ordered these attacks.

The participants of the rally demanded resignation of Vladimir Strelchenko, head of the Khimki district, and Boris Gromov, Governor of the Moscow region. Deputy head of the Moscow YABLOKO Galina Mikhalyova called the situation in Khimki a system problem of our country. The law enforcement is targeted on suppressing the civil activity, rather than on their protection, she said.

Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, antifascists accused in an attack on the Khimki Adminsitration in July 2010, also spoke in the rally. They spend several month under arrest and were freed only due to public protest.

Alexei and Maxim recalled the words of murdered lawyer Stanislav Markelov who told two years ago at the same rally, no one will protect us but ourselves.

The rally supported the speakers not only with traditional chanting of slogans, but also by creating special noise symbolising the indignation against political banditism.

YABLOKO also participated in the same actions which took place in Ekaterinburg and St.Petersburg today.

All photos from the action see at the Moscow YABLOKO web-site.


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Press Release
November 14, 2010

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