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YABLOKOs Federal Council adopts a New Course

Press Release
November 9, 2010

YABLOKOs Federal Council meeting took place on November 5-6, 2010. The Federal Council is YABLOKOs representative body and comprises about 170 people.

The Federal Council examined YABLOKOs tactics and strategies for 2011-2012. The meeting was opened by Boris Misnik, Coordinator of the Political Committee. Then party leader Sergei Mitrokhin made a report The Partys policies for 2011-2012: the Strategy and the Tactics. Founder of the party and member of Political Committee Grigory Yavlinsky made a report on the political situation in the country and the world and the prospects of development. Other reports were made by Alexei Yablokov, member of Political Committee and head of YABLOKOs Green Russia faction, Alexei Arbatov, head of the International Security Centre of the Academy of Sciences and member of Political Committee, Andrei Akopyan, Director of Inter-Republican Centre for Human Reproduction and Family Planning and member of Moscow YABLOKOs Regional Council and other.

After two-days debates the Federal Council adopted the document entitled The New Course which YABLOKO will offer to the society as the grounds for political evolution at the forthcoming regional elections (March 2011) and parliamentary elections (December 2011). The Bureau of the party and its regional branches were assigned to develop specific measures.

In the document entitled On the New Political Course the Federal Council states the YABLOKO considers qualitative evolutionary changes in Russias political and economic system by the key political task. We are reaffirming our the commitment to the principles and objectives stated in the Programme of the YABLOKO party - the Democratic manifesto. Construction of a modern democratic welfare state of the European type which would expresses the interests of the civil society and be controlled by it is the only possible way of Russias development. There is no other strategy for preservation and development of Russia, runs the document.

YABLOKO also stresses that the present seeming prosperity conceals the inhibition factors and further increase the gap between Russian and the developed countries. The key specifics of the present Russian political system is the lack of the fundamental element of a modern democratic state the equality of citizens before law, is stressed in the Federal Councils statement.

The anti-democratic distortions in the reforms of 1990s and Putin-Medvedevs policies led to deep demodernisation of the society giving to rise to an outdated periphery capitalism serving the oligarchy.
The authorities proved to be unable to solve any of Russias political, economic or social problems. The country does not develop, its economy has been stagnating, dependence on the raw exports has been growing, social protection, education, science and culture collapsing. Income inequality has been growing, most of the population has been living on the verge of poverty, feminization of poverty is rising, environmental problems are not solved and brain drain has been going on. Tensions in the Northern Caucasus which has been balancing on the verge of a new war do not reduce.

The oligarchic regime has been increasing the gap between the power and the society and deprives the citizens of any opportunity not only to influence on the authorities decision-making but even to express the opinion. Together with dissatisfaction accumulating in different social groups this can harm the state and even lead to its collapse. However, the alternative e return to the totalitarian past - proposed by communists and Stalinists can only aggravate the problem.

YABLOKO proposes the following fundamental principles:
- unconditional provision of inviolability of a person;
- strengthening of the governance of law;
- ensuring of inviolability of property, creation of a modern market economy peoples capitalism;
- real separation of authorities;
- separation of business from the government;
- state support of the middle class, elimination of arbitrary rule towards small and medium-owners;
- comprehensive anti-corruption measures;
- socially-oriented state policies;
- maximum reduction of taxes for small and medium businesses;
- ensuring of real competition and fair elections;
- decentralisation of power, development of federalism and local self-governments;
- environmentally friendly state policies;
- broadest Russias in international organisations and conventions;
- rotation of elites, anti-corruption measures;
- de-Stalinization and desovietisation of the society and the state;
- liberation of the civil society.

The Federal Council also adopted decisions on participation in the parliamentary elections in 2011, on ensuring barristers safety in Dagestan and on ensuring nuclear safety of agricultural products.

In view of recent violent attacks on journalist Oleg Kashin and civil activist and ecologist Alexander Fetisov YABLOKOs Federal Council adopted statements calling the Russian President to stop the violence and take investigation of these cases under his control.


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Press Release
November 9, 2010

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