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Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO appeals to the Supreme Court of Russia and the European Court of Humna Rights

Press Release
October 29, 2010

Ivan Bolshakov, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO, who was sentenced to five years of probation in 2008 for his alleged breaking an arm to a policeman when police was dispersing a sanctioned rally in the South Butovo, Moscow, appealed against the verdict in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Bolshakov asks the Supreme Court to abrogate the verdict all the subsequent decisions of the Moscow City Court in view of absence of crime in his actions, as well as in connection with the falsification of the criminal case against him by the law enforcement and multiple violations of the law during the trial.

Bolshakov also notified the European Court of Human Rights which has been examining Bolshakovs appeal that investigator Vassily Demidenko, who had initiated and conducted a criminal case against the YABLOKOs activist, got a suspended sentence of 3.5 years of imprisonment and was banned to take any state posts for five years.

Demidenko was convicted for soliciting bribes from one of the accused in another criminal case. It turned out that the accused was not guilty, nonetheless the investigator told to the accused that he would close the criminal case for a bribe of USD 10,000.

According to Bolshakovs attorney Elena Ustinovich, this fact only confirmed the fact that Bolshakovs criminal case was falsified.

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Press Release
October 29, 2010

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