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Elections protocols were simply changed by local Administration in Sergiyev Posad

Press Release
October 13, 2010

Sergei Kryzhov, leader of Sergiyev Posad YABLOKO, forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office a video demonstrating that Chair of one of the electoral commissions was changing by hand the results of the voting in a corridor of local Administration at night after the election.


Chair of Electoral Commission No 2661 (village Zhuchki, Sergiyev Posad Distrcit) at 4 o’clock in the morning is amending the results of the voting. The action takes place in the corridor of local Administration, where Territorial Electoral Commission is also located. Sergei Kryzhov filmed this on his camera.

The video demonstrates that the original protocol has a stamp and signatures by electoral commission members. Chair of the electoral commission is putting at random figures into a fraudulent protocol and fakes signatures of her colleagues. The video runs for two minutes and after this Nadezhda Krivosheya, Secretary of the Territorial Electoral Commission comes to her rescue. According to Kryzhov, while the Secretary was trying to find out what he was filming, the Chair of the electoral commission took this time to disappear.

Vyacheslav Sitnik, head of the Territorial Commission, could not explain this and did not show any interest.

Today, on October 13, Sergei Kryzhov has forwarded a letter to the Public Prosecutor’s Office with a video attached. Kryzhov demands from the Public Prosecutor to examine this case and punish all those guilty of fraud.


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Press Release
October 13, 2010

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