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Chair of the Pskov YABLOKO: УHonest elections in dishonest environment took place in the Sebezhsky Distrcit of the Pskov region"

YABLOKO obtained 20.6 per cent coming second after the ruling United Russia

Press Release
October 11, 2010

Elections of the head of the district and deputies of the Deputies Assembly took place in the Sebezhsky Distrcit, Pskov region, on October 10.

This is for the first time that elections in the district take place in accordance with the mixed system: 8 deputies out of 15 are elected on parties lists and 7 in single-mandate electoral districts.

According to the preliminary results of the voting published at the Central Electoral Commission web-site, YABLOKO obtained 20.6 per cent of the votes yielding only to the ruling United Russia (46.08 per cent). The Communist party (CPRF) obtained 17.25 per cent and LDPR Ц 10.59 per cent.

It was also noted that some polling stations brought over 30 per cent of votes to YABLOKO.

Thus, YABLOKO has to get two out of eight political parties mandates in the Deputies Assembly of the Sebezhsky District.

Also all five candidates running in single-mandate electoral districts came second after the ruling United Russia, but being ahead of the communists and LDPR.

Photo: Sergei Semyonov, YABLOKO's candidate to the post of the head of the district obtained 18.6 per cent

coming third after United Russia(55.58 per cent) and Just Russia (19.29 per cent).


For the first time Pskov YABLOKO managed to fully control voting at the polling stations. YABLOKOТs representatives participated in electoral commissions in 29 electoral districts out of total 31.

Leader of Pskov YABLOKO Lev Shlosberg who also ran in the elections said, УIt has become already in the beginning of the campaign that YABLOKOТs candidates and our list had very high chances. The party programme and its interaction with the society obtained much support with the residents of the district. We have presented to the residents of the Sebezhsky District a comprehensive alternative to the polices of the present authorities. Our main opponents could oppose us with only black PR and dirty tricks. Thus, a gossip that the ruling party will render no support to the region either on the federal or on the regional level if YABLOKO wins was purposefully spread in the district. The situation in the Russian society is such at present that such manipulative technologies go on working for a part of inhabitants.Ф


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Press Release
October 11, 2010