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A rally in protection of an oak wood in Khimki, Moscow region

Press Release
October 10, 2010

About 500 people gathered for a rally in protection of an oak wood in Khimki, Moscow region, on October 10. This time the authorities decided to cut the wood under construction of an elite housing complex with a quay for yachts in the water protection zone of the Moscow Canal.

The action joined together local residents, activists of the Movement for Protection of Khimki Forest and YABLOKO’s activists. YABLOKO’s leader Sergei Mitrokhin.

After the rally two unidentified men saying that they are from the Police Department on Economic Crimes tried to detain Mitrokhin. However, they refused to show their credentials. Mitrokhin turned to the participants of the rally saying that unknown persons were trying to detain him. A crowd of elderly women pushed the men off YABLOKO’s leader.

Then the head of the party was able to leave the scene and go to the next action. He has not met any obstacles in Khimki any more.

"I can presume that these men were sent by the Khimki administration so that to intimidate me or take some action against me", Sergei Mitrokhin said.

Mitrokhin also noted that it was not the first time that he had to confront criminal methods of suppression of public protest in Khimki. Thus, in 2008, the authorities tried to suppress the speeches at the opposition rally with loud music. Moreover, deputy head of Khimki Administration E. Piterimov personally headed the anti-rally action.

"That's why I continue to insist that the version that Khimki Administration was involved in the attack against journalist Mikhail Beketov [left handicapped after this] can not be ruled out", Mitrokhin said.


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Press Release
October 10, 2010