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YABLOKO calls television channels to tell about family business of top officials in St.Petersburg

September 30, 2010

St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO decided to address federal television channels calling them to make a film about family business of top officials in St.Petersburg

According to Maxim Reznik, head of St.Petersburg branch of YABLOKO, the address will be forwarded to three federal television channels Ц NTV, RTR and ORT Ц that unexpectedly and simultaneously discovered the truth and began covering failures and drawbacks in the work of the Ex-Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. УWe think that television channels should be consistent and also broadcast films about St.PeterburgТs problems and the family business here too,Ф Reznik told to the Zaks.ru. УWe would like to believe that they have finally opened their eyes and will be continuously releasing such materials, and we are ready to help them here.Ф

According to the opposition party, in case this turns the other way round, this would mean that television channels have been implementing a definite order targeted at mobbing of a definite person. In spite of the fact that Maxim Reznik is very critical about the results of governing of Yuri Luzhkov in Moscow, he expressed his wish so that television journalists would be consistent in covering the problems of the city, rather than engage in production of ordered films.


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September 30, 2010