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Public prosecutors recommend to 18 legislative assemblies to amend the situation with publishing draft laws

Press Release,
September 30, 2010

Audits conducted by public prosecutors in ten Russian regions confirmed violations of the federal law УOn provision of access to information about the performance by the state bodiesФ and recommended to legislative assemblies of these regions to amend these violations. Violations of the law have already been amended in eight more regions after the same recommendations by public prosecutors.

It should be noted that YABLOKO forwarded to Public Prosecutor General a list of 29 regions violating the federal law envisaging that state bodies should publish their draft laws in the Internet. YABLOKO is certain that publication of draft laws Уis very important for public control over adopted lawsФ.

Thus the law on releasing information was violated in ten regions: the republics of Tyva, Altai, Ingushetia, Khakassia, Karachayevo-Cherkessia and Mordovia, as well Rostov, Amur, Kalinigrad and Sakhalin regions.

Eight more regions (Bryansk, Ryazan, Vladimir, Tumen, Kemerovo and Penza regions, the Mari-El Republic and Chukotka autonomous region) has already amended the violations or are in the process of amending them.

In five more regions violations and drawbacks were amended before prosecutorsТ audits.

However, answers from six remaining regions (the republics of Komi, Chechnya, North Ossetia-Alania, the Orenburg region and Maritime Area) from YABLOKOТs list have not been received.


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Press Release,
September 30, 2010