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Protesters demanded to abrogate the law on reform of budget supported schools and hospitals in a rally in Moscow

Press Release
September 25, 2010

A rally of indignant parents took place at Taras Shevchenko embankment, Moscow. The participants of the rally protested against introduction of paid education and healthcare, as well as all-through commercialisation of the education sector. Activists and leaders of the YABLOKO party participated in the rally.
The changes in the federal law No 83 virtually form a legislative basis under introduction of paid education and healthcare and curbing the sphere of free services to virtually nothing, thus violating constitutional rights of the citizens to free education and healthcare.

This law violated Article 34 of the Russian Constitution which guarantees comprehensive gratuitous education. It is targeted against modernization, as two thirds of the population will be doomed to semi-illiteracy. In contrast to Presidents wishes not only they will be unable to develop new technologies, but even to realise what they are about, YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin said at the rally.

Mitrokhin also called the law antisocial, as it will further deepen social stratification forming inequality from the cradle and larcenous as it is stealing future from the Russian children.

Oleg Shein, deputy of the State Duma, agreed with Mitrokhin saying that this law further develops the state policies targeted at elimination of education.

Oleg Smolin, another MP, laid the blame for the development of the law not only on the Ministry of Education but also on the Finance Ministry. He added that at the plenary meeting of the State Duma Prime Minister Putin called this law useful.

Sergei Mitrokhin also added that here we should speak not only about Education Minister Fursenko, as he is only executing the orders, but about the Kremlin distributing [peoples] money among oligarchs, that is why the education sector lacks the funds. He also called to replace the present authorities via constitutional methods.

Co-Chair of the Union for Protection of Consumers Rights and member of YABLOKOs Bureau Anatoly Golov proposed to establish the standards of education raising their level every year. "Instead of this the authorities decided to shift all the burden onto parents", he said.

Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO and the leader of YABLOKOs Gender faction Galina Mikhalyova spoke from the mothers position. According to Mikhalyova, a single parent at the present level of state support would be forced to choose between a package of milk for a child or some extra lesson for him.

According to the leader of the St. Petersburg branch of YABLOKO and a school teacher of history Maxim Reznik, such an attitude of the authorities to education means that the authorities simply do not need educated and intelligent nation. "They need a herd, and a heard will need only some Russian language, some mathematics and some religious education, so that they would be able to write, count and know that the power comes from God, he added.

At the end of the action, the participants unanimously adopted a resolution demanding abrogation of the law No 83, abolishing of the plans to dismiss 200,000 teachers, as well as restore public network of preschool institutions, destroyed in 1990s.


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Press Release
September 25, 2010