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YABLOKO planted about 6,000 trees for national park Meschyera which suffered from fires

Press Release
September 21, 2010


On September 20, YABLOKOs activists planted about 6,000 plantlets and 40 kilogrammes of acorns in the fields of a plant nursery for further planting of young trees in the national park Meschyera severely affected by fires.

About 40 party activists arrived to Kolionovo farm (Yegoryevsky district of the Moscow region) on the invitation of farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov so that to help with restoration of forests in three regions that suffered from fires: Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan regions.

The national park will need about 70 years to restore after fires while we can considerably curb this period planting trees, Mikhail Shlyapniokov noted. The farmers allotted 2 hectares of land under a plan nursery and YABLOKO bought plantlets of fir-trees, pines, ashes, lime trees and other trees. The

In two years when the plantlets will grow and forests suffered from fires cleaned, the young trees will be planted in the forests. YABLOKO is going to participate in this too and will take under such young forests under its patronage.

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin also participated in the action. In his discussion with Shlyapnokov of the reasons of forest fires they both agreed that the Forest Code adopted in 2006 facilitated the disaster as it absolutely ruined forest farms and state-owned forest security agencies.

Shlyapnokov also noted that another reason was a mess in the Extraordinary Ministry. According to the farmer, the Ministry annually underrated the number of forest fires so that to be able to fulfill the plan of fight against fires. The firemen had to give the real figures only when villages began to burn, he noted.

Shlyapnikov also said that the work of YABLOKOs activists will be an example for other volunteers.


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Press Release
September 21, 2010