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Training seminar Women on the Labour Market held in the Vologda region

Press Release,
September 13, 2010

Training seminar within the project of the Institute of Comparative Analysis of Labour Relations Women on the Labour Market was held in Cherepovyetz, Vologda Region. The seminar was organised by Ludmila Ivanova, Chair of the Vologda branch of the YABLOKO party. The programme is supported by the Council for Consolidation of Womens Movement in Russia.

The participants of the seminar (28 people in total) including representatives of independent trade unions, teachers, journalists and activists of Russian parties (YABLOKO, the CPRF and Just Russia) learned about the situation with gender discrimination on the labour market.

Olga Savinskaya, expert and professor of the Higher School of Economics, taught the activists to analyse the advertisements in papers and detect elements of gender discrimination there, as well as compare labour costs of men and women in the housework and pay attention to manifestations of discrimination in funny stories.

Galina Mikhalyova, Chair of YABLOKOs Gender faction, told about the prospects of womens movement in Russia and informed the audience of the tasks and goals of the project: creation of a network of volunteers for raising awareness in the society and creation of the system protecting women on the labour market.

The seminar joined together the participants from Vologda, Cherepovetz, the Unstyuzhinsk and the Cherenovetsky districts of the region, six participants were men.

After the seminar many participants noted that they had never realized before how strong gender discrimination and stereotypes were in daily life.

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Press Release,
September 13, 2010