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YABLOKO made parliaments of Mordovia and Karachayevo-Cherkessia publish draft laws

Press Release
September 7, 2010

Public Prosecutors of Mordovia and Karachayevo-Cherkessia submitted their orders to the parliaments of these republics requiring them to eliminate violations of the law "On Ensuring Public Access to Information About the Activities of State Bodies". From now on the parliaments of the republics are obliged to publish draft laws at their official websites.

In July, the Yabloko party forwarded to the Public Prosecutor General a list of the 29 regions violating the federal law, which from this year requires from the legislative assemblies to publish the draft laws in the Internet. YABLOKO’s activists say that publication of draft laws "is important for public control over the laws to be adopted."

Public Prosecutor of Mordovia, Alexander Sergiyenko, demanded that the MPs should publish draft laws at their official website, as well as update the website upon receipt of new drafts. In addition, Public Prosecutor said that certain officials will be liable for this.

Public Prosecutor Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Oleg Ponasenko also ordered Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) to eliminate the detected violations, taking this under his control.

Also after YABLOKO’s application to the Public Prosecutor General in late July, the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region began publishing draft laws at its official website.

Public Prosecutor General ordered the prosecutors in other regions to conduct investigation of violations and in case the facts stated by YABLOKO are confirmed to adopt urgent measures to their elimination.

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Press Release
September 7, 2010