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Bundestag members visited YABLOKOs office

Press Release
September 6, 2010

On September 6 YABLOKO received the delegation of the German Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei, FDP) in YABLOKOs Moscow office. The FDP delegation included Bundestag members Dr.Reiner Stinner, Marina Schuster, Dr. Bijan Djir-Sarai and Patrick Kurth, staff members of the FDP parliamentary faction, Director of the Moscow Bureau of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Sasha Tamm and staff members of the German Embassy. FDP together with the Christian Democrats forms a coalition German federal government. FDP leader Guido Westerwelle is currently German Foreign Minister.

YABLOKO was represented by party leader Sergei Mitrokhin, Executive Secretary of the Political Committee Galina Mikhalyova and International Officer of the party Olga Radayeva. The sides discussed some issues of Russias foreign and domestic policies, the specifics and prospects of the work of the YABLOKO party in Russia.

The representatives of YABLOKOs sister liberal party showed interested in Russian party and electoral system, as well as how parties work with their electorate and mass media. Sergei Mitrokhin told the guests about the present oligarchic and bureaucratic regime in Russia replacing democratic institutions by their imitations and problems such a system creates for a democratic party.

The guests also asked about expectations of the YABLOKO party as regards the German liberals. We are interested in broadening our contacts with a sister party and consultations on a wide range of issues, especially as regards acute issues of Russian-German relations, Sergei Mitrokhin noted. As an example of such acute problems he referred to a decision of the German Federal Land of Saxony to export nuclear waste from Germany to Russia.

Dr.Rainer Stinner describing the specifics of the coalition policies of his party stressed that the tasks of the FDP were connected with strengthening of its position and raising of its rating which had somewhat fallen since the elections. However, we do not regard our present coalition in the government as a kind of a cage, we are ready to consider possible partnerships with other parties, he noted.

The German colleagues also displayed interest to the possibilities for the Russian citizens to study German. This implies a keen interest, broadening of contacts, building of firm bridges between the nations, which can base on abolishing of the visa regime our party has been speaking about for many years already, Galina Mikhalyova noted.

The FDP delegation was presented with YABLOKOs recent publications demonstrating the programme work of the party in different fields.

In conclusion of the discussion both the sides expressed the intention in a closer cooperation between the parties.

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Press Release
September 6, 2010