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YABLOKO proposed to elect PACE via direct vote

Press Release
August 30, 2010

Such a proposal YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin put forward at the European Forum Alpbach. The European Forum Alpbach is a kind of analogue of the World Economic Forum in Davos, however, Alpbach focuses on the problems of European integration.

According to Sergei Mitrokhin, the first step in the way of Russias integration should be raising of the role of the Council of Europe and new principles of PACE formation. The Council of Europe should become an instrument for involving Russia into the system of European values, European standards in politics, economy, protection of human rights and environment, Sergei Mitrokhin said. YABLOKOs leader proposed to European politicians to make CE more influential via direct elections to PACE with mandatory control over elections in the member states by the Council of Europe. Mitrokhin is also certain that this would be also important for Russia and its movement along democratic way of development.
Debating with RF Ambassador in the EU Vladimir Chizov YABLOKOs leader raised an issue of development of a common EU strategy towards Russia. According to Sergei Mitrokhin, this should be a consistent EU strategy towards Russia based on integration rather than confrontation.

Such strategy is vitally important both for the EU and Russia so that to successfully compete with the new centres of economic growth which will emerge in the world by the middle of the 21st century, namely the North America and South-East Asia. Europe will not be able to efficiently compete on the world markets without Russias geopolitical and economic potential. For Russia integration with Europe means not only survival, but choosing of the way of the countrys development, Mitrokhin noted.

Other steps towards integration should, according to Mitrokhin, include elimination of visa barriers between Russia and the EU and provision of the freedom of movement. Mitrokhin noted that visa-free regime is necessary not only facilitation of trips for the citizens, but a broader communication between our citizens, which will result in integration of European democratic values by the Russian society.
YABLOKOs leader also expressed his certainty that cooperation in the military policy in the field of creation of a joint Russia-US-NATO AMB system is absolutely necessary. According to Mitorkhin, such ABM system could become one of the key elements in solution of international and global security problems. In addition, Russias participation in such a global project in the field of security provision will ensure involvement of Russias political and military elite into cooperation, rather than confrontation with the West. On the opposite, unilateral stationing of the ABM system in Europe will, in addition to all other things, add to anti-Western hysteria in the Russian society and political elite, and it is very difficult to speak about any cooperation or moreover integration in such a situation, Sergei Mitorkhin concluded.

The European Forum gathering the leading figures in politics, science, culture and industry has been annually held in the Austrian Alpbach (the Tirolien) since 19945. Last year Alpbch hosted over 4,000 participants from 64 countries of the globe.

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Press Release
August 30, 2010