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The Chelyabinsk branch of YABLOKO submitted voters signatures for registration in the regional election campaign

Press Release
August 17, 2010

The Chelyabinsk branch of YABLOKO submitted 15,000 voters signatures for registration in election campaign to the legislative assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. The Electoral Commission will have to adopt a decision on registration of the party in the elections within 10 days.

In this campaign YABLOKO plans to focus on the environment, which is one of the most acute problems in the Southern Urals. YABLOKOs list is topped by a well-known ecologist Natalya Mironova. The second slogan of the campaign is Politics is Womens Business! This human rights issue is led by human rights Activist Farima Kobzhasarova.

In Chelyabinsk, the regional centre, YABLOKOs activists campaigned in the streets distributing booklets reflecting the results of YABLOKOs performance and YABLOKOs electoral programme.

Active campaigning was held in all the large cities in the region. Such cities as Emanzhelinsk, Yuzhnouralsk, Ust-Katav, Yuryuzan, Snezhinsk and other were added to traditional YABLOKOs cities Miass, Zlatoust and Magnitogorsk.

The specific trait of this campaign was that anyone traveling in a bus with YABLOKOs poster could sign a list for YABLOKO right in the bus.


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Press Release
August 17, 2010