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Weapons of mass destruction have no place on the planet!

Statement by the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO
August 6, 2010

The memory of the dozens of thousands people killed by the nuclear tornado in those August days of 1945 calls for our increased efforts so that to achieve as soon as possible complete prohibition of all forms of weapons of mass destruction.

The end of the Cold War and fabulous material and human resources wasted by the mankind for a dangerous confrontation set a new challenge for the world: finding other methods and techniques for provision of national security that would not involve elimination of people.

In the 21st century the global security, including national security systems of the states of the globe, represents above all the need to address common human and global problems of climate change, chemical and biological pollution and other negative effects of modern civilisation.

Future generations will analyse our time and condemn us seeing how a year after year, decade after decade, most of the world's resources was spent on the means of self-destruction. It is common knowledge that the funds spent on the arms race would suffice for solution of virtually all the key problems of the human civilization: fighting diseases, education, provision of clean water and air for everyone, mitigation of climate change, stop deforestation and desertification and depletion of the world ocean resources.

The YABLOKO party is calling the nations of the world to stop concealed and open development of new types of nuclear and other kinds of weapons of mass destruction. World super-powers should not help here to the new countries basing on short-term mercenary interests and shortsighted policies.

Weapons of mass destruction have no a place on the planet!

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chairman of the YABLOKO party

Acad. Alexei Yablokov,
Head of the Green Russia faction of the YABLOKO party


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August 6, 2010