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Tula City Duma deputy persecuted for his criticism of the Governor’s work

Statement by the Tula branch of YABLOKO
July 15, 2010

The Tula regional branch of the YABLOKO party expresses its deep concern with criminal prosecution of deputy of the Tula City Duma from our party Vladimir TImakov [launched under a pretext of a libel case].

Timakov gave his assessment of the Governor’s work at his post.

Actually Timakov’s statements are based on his believes, and, in our view, there are no grounds for criminal prosecution in our opinion no. The fact that the Investigation Committee with the Public Prosecutor's Office in the Tula region three times refused [the Governor] in launching a criminal case for the lack of the elements of crime [in such criticism] is one more proof of this.

In our opinion, this constitutes a demonstrative political "bashing" of a dissenting oppositional politician and journalist so that to force him stop his activities and give up his believes.

We think that it is unacceptable to persecute a person for his believes and demand the following:

- stop criminal prosecution of Vladimir Timakov;

- transfer the trial to another region so that to ensure an impartial decision.

We shall further oppose these negative developments by all lawful means available to us at present. This statement should be regarded as our public appeal to the federal leaders of the party and the federal authorities and is also targeted at drawing close attention to the process and prevention of any violations of the law.


The Tula regional branch of YABLOKO

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July 15, 2010