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YABLOKOs leader made a speech at the Executive Committee of Liberal International

Press Release
June 13, 2010

On June 11 YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin made a speech at the Executive Committee of Liberal International in Berlin. As Sergei Mitrokhins speech was scheduled in the agenda item Human Rights in the Authoritarian States, he spoke about police breaking YABLOKOs picket by the Russian parliament which was conducted against adoption of the law on preventive measures against extremism, as well as breaking of a peaceful rally on the Triumfalnaya square in Moscow on May 31.

The participants of the Executive Committee also received Sergei Mitrokhins report Russia and European Integration. In this report YABLOKOs leader once again stressed the necessity to work out a single strategy for EU interaction with Russia, which should be based on integration, rather than confrontation. According to Mitrokhin, the first step in realisation of this strategy would be introduction of a visa-free regime between Russia and the European Union.

Another example of realization of this uniform strategy, runs the report, may be the Anti-Ballistic Missile Defence system (ABM) as a joint project of the RF and NATO countries. Both the West and Russia will profit from such cooperation and lose from confrontation, as democracy can not develop in anti-Western hysteria, Mitrokhin stressed.

The report also indicates that cooperation between Russia and the European Union should take place in the field of environmental safety too.

According to Mitrokhin, the present political and economic situation in the country can be characterised as the ongoing stagnation which began under Putin. Russias modernisation announced by President Medvedev has been taking place in words only.

YABLOKOs leader singled out the following grave problems which exist in Russia at present: violation of human rights, deligitimisation of power due to erosion of trust to elections and election fraud, as well as corruption problem.

Russias problems are very serious. This is connected with Russias history and reforms conducted by pseudo liberals in early 1990s. However, proposing our initiatives as regards international security, a visa-free regime, ecology and, most importantly, the EU strategy we proceed from the fact that these initiatives represent a way for overcoming Russias problems. And we are calling you to a joint work here, runs the report.

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Press Release
June 13, 2010