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President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is reminded of the murder of Larissa Yudina

Press Release
May 26, 2010

Activists from the Youth YABLOKO were waiting for President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov be the entrance to the office of the Echo Moskvi radio station so that to remind him of the murder of Larissa Yudina, a journalist and leader of the Kalmykia branch of YABLOKO, killed 12 years ago.

The activists of the Youth YABLOKO Andrei Koshman and Maxim Kruglov were waiting for Kalmykian President holding placards with portraits of Larissa and an inscription Not to Forget and Not to Forgive.

Ilyumzhinovs cars passed the young activists and the security even went out of the cars, however, did not take any actions against young YABLOKOs activists.

Larissa Yudina, the leader of Kalmyk YABLOKO and Editor-in-Chief of oppositional Sovietskaya Kalmykia Segodnya paper, was murdered 12 years ago on June 7, 1998. The official investigation does not name the person who ordered this crime, however, they obviously know this person. The question about Ilyumzhinovs personal involvement in the crime is still open, as the organiser of the murder S.Vaskin (a person with repeated convictions) was Ilyumzhinovs Legal Advisor

The person who ordered the murder of Larissa Yudina and all the people involved in this crime should not avoid punishment. The goal of objective investigation should be suspend the proxy of Ilyumzhinov as President of Kalmykia, runs the statement by YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin.


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Press Release
May 26, 2010