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Small Business Goes into Politics

Press Release
May 26, 2010


On the Entrepreneurs Day, May 26, a nation-wide action Small Business Goes into Politics organised with YABLOKOs support took place at Bolotnaya square, Moscow. About 200 entrepreneurs from Voronezh, Tula, St.Petersburg, Tver, Tambov, Kursk, Tatarstan, Bashkiria and Moscow participated in the action.

Entrepreneurs from Tver put a coffin in the centre of the square symbolizing the situation with small business and the middle class.

The present political regime representing oligarchs and monopolies does not need small businesses in general. Representatives of the small business demolished as a class should resist this, Sergei Mitrokhin, YABLOKOs leader, said at a rally.

According to Mitrokhin, a political party may turn into a key weapon here. Monopolists and oligarchs do have such a party it is the United Russia party. Small business should present its party YABLOKO, a political force which is consistent in protection of the small business, Mitrokhin added.

Sergei Filatov, an entrepreneur from Tula, who was elected deputy of the Tula City Duma from the YABLOKO party in March 2010 elections, proved Mitrokhins statement to be true. He called the entrepreneurs community to join healthy and constructive forces and also expressed his readiness to share his experience with other regions. According to Filatov, his colleagues from Kursk had already invited him to share his experience.

Tatyana Rtischeva from non-profit Legal Protection of Small Business The Unity said that small business had been put in such conditions that its going into politics became inevitable. Being antagonistic to the authorities we learned to defend our rights and stand our interests, she added.

The leader of the Kursk YABLOKO Alexei Fedulov called small entrepreneurs to try change the governments attitudes to business.

The participants of the rally also spoke about the problems they had to face.

The rally adopted a resolution calling the authorities to stop demolishing the small businesses and also unanimously supported the proposal to call all the entrepreneurs to join around YABLOKO which is the only party protecting small business.

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Press Release
May 26, 2010